Social Media Friday Four

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Happy Friday, and happy August! Let’s talk about what’s new this week in social media, from Facebook time limits and Pinterest’s ‘Night Mode’ to LinkedIn VoiceMails and Snapchat ‘Storytellers.’ Let's dive in ⬇️

Facebook and Instagram Introduce Time Control Tool

As our society becomes more willing to discuss mental health and wellness, Facebook has enlisted the help of mental health professionals to develop a tool limiting users’ time on their apps. Users will now be given the option to view how much time they’ve spent on the Facebook or Instagram apps, in addition to setting timed reminders to help limit their usage. Some are excited about the update, but many say it’s too little too late. A lot of people are aware they spend too much time on social media, but they aren’t ready to do anything about it. Would you use this new feature?

Pinterest Adds Night Mode to Its Mobile Web Presence 

Pinterest is changing the feel of its app with the new ‘Night Mode’ feature. Available right in the web app’s settings, you can give your Pinterest a darker makeover to bring your brightness down. This comes with several changes Pinterest is enacting to improve its mobile web experience, boosting performance and limiting the data load. These changes have given the platform an unbelievable increase in international leadership, in addition to double the domestic active users over the previous year.

LinkedIn Introduces Voice Clips Into Their Messages 

You may be wondering why LinkedIn is making headlines for something our cell phones have been doing for ten years. However, the new VoiceMail feature could be a networking asset, especially when it comes to international communication. Certainly adding a more personal edge to the traditional message or email, leaving a voice message can be more efficient and flexible. Also, because we’re creatures of habit, this change could be more important than we realize, as we become more and more reliant on the age of Alexa and the ‘voice search.’

Snapchat ‘Storytellers’ Forges Relationships Between Creators and Advertisers

Snapchat’s new program is pairing brands with five of its biggest content makers to star in ads and collaborate on creative direction. As it has lagged behind Instagram Stories, Snapchat is looking to establish and show advertisers the most effective way to promote themselves through their app. While this is an important step for Snapchat regardless, it comes at a time when Snapchat really needs to assert itself and find more ways to bring in money.

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