Social Media Friday Four

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Happy Friday! This week, we've seen updates with data transfer among four of the big social media giants, video syndication in the Snapchat Discover section, status updates on Instagram, and a new test on YouTube’s ‘Explore’ page. Let’s get started:

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter Partner for New Data Project

The most powerful forces in social media are coming together for a new program they’re calling the Data Transfer Project. Once in effect, users will be able to transfer all types of data directly between the platforms without having to download and re-upload their data. Microsoft is even encouraging other companies to join the project and help grow its influence! The big questions on everyone’s minds, however, is how will the plan adhere to the GDPR and how will the concerns of dedicated users worried about the privacy of their information be addressed?

Snapchat Syndicates Video Programming on Discover 

Snapchat has opened up its Discover page to house video content that was originally created and shared on other platforms. Complex, BuzzFeed, Tastemade, Wired, and GQ are just a few of the brands that have taken advantage of this new feature. Previously, Snapchat was only interested in shows that were unique or exclusive, but they've recently decided to open their doors and options to so much more. Snapchat will still be very selective when it comes to deciding which shows will make the cut, and they do plan to continue their policy of splitting the revenue generated evenly with the content creators.

Users Can Now See Active Instagram Friends With a Green Dot 

Instagram unveiled yet another new feature that allows users to see when their friends are on the app. When a friend is active in the app, a green dot will appear next to their name, similar to how Facebook Messenger works. However, you will only be able to see the green dot with friends who follow you or people you have sent direct messages to. That being said, ‘ghost mode’ is still an option, allowing you to hide your activity status while also hiding your friends’ statuses.

YouTube Is Testing an ‘Explore’ Tab on iPhone App

In an effort to broaden recommendations for users, YouTube is in the early stages of testing an ‘Explore’ tab. Recommendations will still be based on viewer activity, but they will be much more diversified. The ‘Trending’ section of the app will still be available under the new page, similar to Instagram’s ‘Explore’ page, which is likely a response to the threat from IGTV. YouTube hopes that these changes will allow creators to reach more viewers than ever, even if their videos aren’t trending.

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